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JOBS in EGYPT #1 eRecruitment Website in Egypt Jobs In Egypt for Job Seekers Jobs in Egypt helps you to find a job in Egypt Jobs In Egypt provides you with the most comprehensive suite of career building tools available. By using Jobs in Egypt you will gain the knowledge necessary to succeed in employment marketplace. If you are Egyptian resident inside or outside Egypt or if you are not Egyptian but like to work in Egypt build or change career then Jobs In Egypt is your Be..

Key Keywords

manager 3.20%
sales 2.58%
specialist 2.35%
engineer 2.30%
assistant 1.70%
developer 1.25%
egypt 1.10%
technician 1.05%
marketing 1.00%
executive 0.98%
senior 0.95%
web 0.82%
designer 0.78%
engineering 0.72%
mechanic 0.72%
operator 0.70%
clerk 0.70%
technical 0.68%
officer 0.68%
jobs 0.62%
coordinator 0.62%
equipment 0.62%
administrator 0.60%
management 0.52%

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